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Our Prayer list for children

On our original site we had a list of children we were praying for.  This list is from  2016.  Feel free to request other names to be added in the comments belos.  EIther first name or first name and last initial is sufficient.  Thank you and thank you again for praying for the children.

A list of the children being prayed for, as of this date. Ryder, Vince, Archer, Francesca, Giovanna, Lucas, Sebastian, Daniel, Michael, Madeline, David, Peter, Thomas, Joseph, Tony, Teresa, Jeannie, Joey, Dustin, Hailey, Marybeth, Oonagh, Mark, Lisa, Brooke, Kelly, Mike, Victoria, Craig, Caitlyn, Cali, Austin, Anna Bella, Gadrielle, Lucius, Keoni, Kaili,all Martha's grandchildren, Jacob, Erin Marie, Chelsea Theresa, Michelle Philomena, Deborah Coleen, Lilly Grace, Charlotte, Brianna; Abram; Ella; Justin; Joseph; Clare; Mariana; Gregory: Dennis and newborn twins, Emma, Andrew, Ella P., Ashley, Alec, Bianca, Koltin, Ollie, Oonagh, John,  Rita,  Mitchell , Claire, Katarina, Nona, Nicholas, Dominic,Joshua, Nixon, Ignacio, Beckett, Easton, Dryden, Sarah, Kent, James Dominic, Ethan, Mason, Tarren, Chris, Max, Vadik, Jase, Cory, Trevor, Nathan, Ryan, Josh, Ezekiel, Shane, Cody, Adrian, Liam

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